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AI prompt-engineered photography simulating Kodak Professional T-Max 100 Black and White film.

24" x 13.5" prints

Archival ink on semi-gloss giclee paper

Digital Tools:

MidJourney v6

Adobe Photoshop (beta) v25.6

Skylum Luminar AI filters v1.5.5

Breach Me


This series utilizes AI prompt-engineered photography to evoke the urgent crisis faced by salmon and southern resident orcas in the Pacific Northwest. Each piece, rendered in the style of Kodak T-Max 100 film, captures the gravity of the situation imposed by the lower Snake River dams. The images, more than mere photographs, are a rallying cry for action, serving as poignant reminders of the interconnectedness of our ecosystems and the dire consequences of human interference. The series, through visual storytelling, advocates for the breaching of these dams to restore critical salmon runs and, in turn, the survival of the orcas. Each image, with its narrative, contributes to a collective message of hope and a call for change, aligning with the ongoing dialogue surrounding environmental conservation and the rights of nature to thrive unimpeded.

Links to Learn More

Overall History & Reasoning for Breaching

Biden Proposal to Build Energy Projects if Lower Snake River Dams Breached

GOP Opposition to Removal

Plan the Breach: The Work of Tribes

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