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Explorations in AI prompt-engineered digital photography, simulating the properties of Ilford HP5 Plus Black and White Negative Film.

11" x 14"

ChromaLuxe aluminum prints

Digital Tools:

MidJourney v6

Adobe Photoshop (beta) v25.6

Skylum Luminar AI filters v1.5.5

Convergence of Ruin


The Convergence of Ruin portfolio presents a trio of 11 x 14 digital images that serve as a haunting visual narrative of the destructive dance between humanity's relentless technological advancement and the natural world's degradation. Initiated through the lens of AI-generated photography, these images are born from prompts designed to simulate the rich contrasts and intricate details characteristic of black and white large format film. Each piece is then intricately reworked using Adobe Photoshop, where the layers of impending doom and dissonance take shape, further accentuated by the sophisticated blending of AI Luminar filters.

The series chronicles the somber tale of humanity's fall, where the once-celebrated feats of technology lie in ruins, indistinguishable from the natural life they once sought to dominate. In sharp contrast to the Nature Prevailed series of images, these prints are a chilling reminder of the price of progress when pursued with disregard for the environment, resulting in a planet where neither technology, its creators, nor Nature can survive the aftermath.

The final presentation of these works on aluminum sheets is a deliberate choice, reinforcing the series' message through a medium that is both modern and enduring, symbolizing the permanence of our actions. This collection is not only a fitting exhibit for galleries seeking to display provocative and socially relevant art but also a call to awareness and change, inviting viewers to reflect on the delicate balance between human innovation and the preservation of our world's natural integrity.

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