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Explorations in AI prompt-engineered digital photography, simulating the properties of Kodak Ultramax 400 film.

11" x 14"

ChromaLuxe metal prints

Digital Tools:

MidJourney v6

Adobe Photoshop (beta) v25.6

Skylum Luminar AI filters v1.5.5

Nature Prevailed


The Nature Prevailed series is a trio of high-resolution AI-engineered photographs manipulated to emulate the textural richness and tonal depth characteristic of Kodak Ultramax 400 film. Each 11" x 14" metal print captures a different aspect of the same profound narrative: despite humanity's relentless march towards technological omnipotence, often at the expense of the natural world, it is ultimately nature that endures and asserts its primacy.

  1. Victory of Flora — This image presents a delicate yet stark embodiment of nature's persistence, with botanical elements gracefully adorning and partially engulfing a feminine mechanical visage. It speaks to the soft power of life that persists and thrives against the cold metal of human engineering.

  2. Reclamation — Here, the focus shifts to a broader view of coexistence, where the boundaries between organic and inorganic blur. This piece serves as the central thematic anchor of the series, highlighting the inevitable fusion of nature with the remnants of human achievement.

  3. Ecological Resurgence — The final print juxtaposes the stoic features of a masculine figure with the encroaching foliage, encapsulating the gradual yet unyielding reclamation of technology by the earth. It is a powerful testament to the inexorable return to the organic roots of existence.

Together, these images do not merely depict a victory of vines and leaves over circuits and steel; they evoke a meditative reflection on the resilience and adaptability of nature. The detailed textures and the interplay of light and shadow in each metal print underscore the overarching message: in the grand tapestry of time, nature prevails.

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