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Behind the Scenes

Updated: Jan 5

morpheousStudios announces the #creativeProcess Series.

Video: construction of a 1/16th scale model prototype of a planned "sineWall" 3D projection mapping surface for #thelast31of21 series installation.

The human creative process refers to the mental process that individuals go through to generate new ideas, thoughts, or concepts. This process can be highly individualized and can differ from person to person. However, there are some general stages that are commonly identified in the creative process:

  1. Preparation: This stage involves gathering information and resources that will be necessary for the creative process.

  2. Incubation: This stage involves letting the gathered information and resources "simmer" in the mind, allowing the unconscious to work on the problem.

  3. Illumination: This is the "aha!" moment when a solution to a problem or a new idea suddenly appears in the mind.

  4. Verification & Manifestation: In this final stage, the individual tests and refines their idea to ensure that it is viable and effective.

Overall, the creative process involves both conscious and unconscious mental processes and can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as the individual's knowledge, experiences, and environment.

In the #creativeProcess series, we will explore the varied process of turning an original idea into a final, tangible form. This process can be messy at times, while at others it may be refined and elegant, and always involves raw unrefined elements.

The series launches in mid-January 2023.

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